Since 1990 Faster Connections, Inc. has been responsible for the IT needs of numerous small businesses, design professionals, nonprofits and schools.

Our unique view of Information Technology comprises three parts:

A Sane Technological Vision
We have had the good fortune to see many technology projects from conception all the way through to completion. Our approach to this process is different than most individuals and companies in our field. Many IT professionals push expensive solutions that are overly complex, difficult to administer, and fail to fulfill the needs they were built to address. This comes from being technology-focused instead of organization-focused. The most important questions for us are: 1. What are the immediate, short-term and long-term goals of the organization, and how can technology support them? What is the simplest, most robust, most secure, and most user-friendly solution to a given set of technological problems? 3. How can the available IT budget be spent in such a way that maximum benefit and value can be received for the investment? Our conception of technological solutions is that they should be organizationally-driven, user-friendly and cost-effective.

Organizational Training & Project Management Experience
Unlike many IT professionals, our job experience has included budgetary and financial responsibility, organization-wide training, workshops and presentations, and management of outside vendors and co-employees. We’ve had the good fortune to work across sectors, with small businesses, educational organizations, and non-profits.

Excellent "Deskside Manner"
A great number of our past employers and consulting clients have complimented us on our ability to clearly and patiently explain the intricacies of various technological solutions in ways that make them easy to understand and make decisions about. They have appreciated our ability to creatively solve emergent problems and guide staff at all levels and in a friendly and professional manner.

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