Albee Kara | Tyler Roppe

Albee's Story

"My interest in technology began at a very young age; before I was ten I was taking things apart to see how they worked. It would be many years before I learned how to put them back together :-)

My first computer experience (other than video games) was learning to program BASIC on a Commodore Vic-20 (with a whopping 20Kb of RAM). I soon upgraded to a Commodore 64.

My professional IT life began after my freshman year of college when I got a summer job working for a civil engineer. He realized that paying me to learn computer-aided design (AutoCAD) would be a good investment, since he didn't know how to use it and needed someone who did. In addition to becoming a skilled CAD operator, I became responsible for all of the computers in the office.

A succession of CAD/IT jobs followed as I worked my way through college; ultimately I earned a BA in music, with a focus on trumpet performance.

In 1995 I graduated from college and decided to strike out on my own as an IT consultant. At the same time I became professionally involved with Summa Institute. Thus began my passion for non-profits and the work that they do in the community. As the IT director for Summa, I developed a broad skill set that includes web design and construction, desktop publishing, small group database administration, phone systems, bookkeeping, human resources administration, government compliance, budget creation and board reporting.

In parallel with my work in IT I trained to become a challenge course facilitator and workshop leader in human development. I also did some graduate work in human and organizational development at the Fielding Graduate University. I now have over 15 years of experience as an adult education workshop leader and trainer, and 18 years of leading children of all ages in outdoor education and challenge course activities.

I also co-authored a book on cooperative games called Win-Win Games for All Ages."

Albee lives with his family in Portland, Oregon.

Tyler's Story

"I was lucky enough to attend a grade school that realized that computer skills were going to be some of the skills of the future, so, like Albee, I developed a strong interest in technology at a young age from my early introduction to the computer world.

Later in life, this interest lead me to initially work towards a computer science degree at the University of Oregon; however, the world of the social sciences eventually took me down a different path, instead moving to Portland, OR, and obtaining a degree in political science and community development from Portland State University.

Somewhat stumbling across a staff position at Portland State University, I followed up my bachelor's degree with a master's degree in sustainability education. After nearly a decade working for the university in multiple roles, be it dispatching for the police department, overseeing the university communication center, offering IT support, I have been able to combine my lifelong passion for technology with my joy of working with people by joining the team at Faster Connections, Inc."

Tyler lives in the Kenton neighborhood of Portland, OR, where he is the chair of the Kenton Neighborhood Association.


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